Alternative Medicine Guide

Alternative medicine which is also often referred to as complementary and alternative medicine or CAM is a term covering various healing measures, treatments and practices not used by conventional medicine. The main reason for practices of alternative medicine not to be used by conventional medicine is sometimes a lack of information regarding these practices. Also alternative
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medicine cannot be considered as a serious system of treatments and measures as they haven't shown effective results and sometimes, as in the case of homeopathy, can even be dangerous. Otherwise, measures of alternative healing medicine would become measures of conventional medicine. Though the principles of alternative medicine can differ much from those of conventional medicine, some treatments are often used for healing together with proven medical products and practices. It is a well known fact that people suffering from cancer often resort to alternative cancer medicine. Although alternative cancer medicine is not able to cure the disease, many of its measures have been proven to prevent and slow the growth of cancerous tumors.

The two most popular forms of alternative health medicine are massage and herbal therapies. Both of them are highly valued, though have never been regarded as measures for conventional medicine. Nevertheless, massage therapy is often advised even by those doctors who do not believe in power of alternative health medicine, as a good remedy after bone fractures and in many other cases. The other form of alternative medicine is an alternative herbal medicine. It is usually used to prevent different diseases, and also is highly valued by those who know much about side effects of conventional medicine. Different products of alternative herbal medicine are used as food supplements by many people in order to stay healthy and live a comfortable life. Alternative herbal medicine is also believed to be the best alternative medical therapy for stress and depression relief. Products of alternative natural medicine are usually prepared at home and are based on folk knowledge. The main reason for people to use remedies of alternative natural medicine instead of or together with other medicines is their easy availability and harmlessness.

Alternative Chinese medicine, also known as traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, regards body, soul and emotions as the organic whole, and that is why includes different practices such as acupuncture, Chinese psychology, herbal and food therapies, and qigong system. The corner stone of the alternative Chinese medicine is the Yin and Yang theory, meridian theory, five-element theory, and the theory of Qi. These theories are believed to help preventing all diseases as they also help to understand the origin of everything which happens with a human being.

Different measures and treatments of alternative healing medicine can be advised by relatives and friends, however, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before medication. Some herbal products can be dangerous if they are taken with drugs, and some therapies of alternative healing medicine can cause harm instead of use. Although most of the doctors prescribe alternative medicine treatment unwillingly, they still can advise which alternative medicine therapy is the best in some particular cases. Thus, for example many psychiatrists advise herbal therapy and aromatherapy as an alternative medicine treatment for different mental diseases.